NIO OS Walkthrough in English

From CleanTechnica.

This video is a complete walkthrough of the NIO user interface in English and a look at the NOMI assistant. From climate control & music to every last screen of the settings. This UI is very well made like you would expect it in a Tesla. In fact in some ways it goes a few steps beyond Tesla.

In case you missed it, we have both an article and a video review of the NIO ES8.

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00:00 Intro
00:52 Home screen
01:44 Music
02:35 Maps
03:49 Settings My ES8
04:12 Doors & Windows
04:48 Lights
05:07 Seat Comfort
06:09 Internal Comfort
06:40 Driving
08:46 Driver Assistance
09:23 NOMI Settings
10:11 Display
10:36 Sound
11:03 Connect
11:42 Security
12:07 General
12:25 Account
12:36 Quick Access AMAZING
13:11 Apps
13:24 Selfie camera
13:50 Nomi
17:49 Ending