One Pedal Driving – What is it?

From CallasEV.

One pedal driving in electric vehicles. An overview and explanation of what one pedal driving is and how it works. I take my Tesla Model 3 and demonstrate driving down South Mountain using only one pedal. I also take a look at other electric vehicles that have this feature. Stay after the video for a short appearance by Calla ;).

See the full uncut version of the drive down South Mountain here:

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Music by Tim Schaufert – Beginnings –
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Music by Bensound Buddy

0:00 Intro
0:17 What is one pedal driving?
1:37 How does the pedal in an EV function?
3:17 Tesla Model 3 Driving down a hill
5:03 Brake lights & slow down
6:03 Electric vehicles with one pedal driving
6:07 Nissan Leaf
6:32 Chevy Bolt
7:26 Polestar 2
7:42 Mustang Mach E
8:07 Hyundai Kona
8:54 Calla drives down Lombard Street