Paul McCartney tour bus| restoration story| Down at the barns

From Down at the barns.

In 1972 Paul McCartney and Wings went on tour on a brightly coloured open top bus which became known as Wings Over Europe, the bus WNO 481 as it’s sometimes known not only featured funky art work but inside contained a fridge, washing machine bean bags and beds but once the tour was over the vehicle ended up back in normal service but was eventually bought by a collector who lived in Tenerife. In this episode we see how the bus was restored by Brad Earl and his team and through the work of Tom Jennings the new owner.

Check out the full interview with Tom Jennings on the Andrew Dixon Channel which contains some excellent content related to The Beatles and Paul McCartney

Thank you to Brad Earl and Tom Jennings for allowing us to make this video of the bus and Kevin Heuston our camera man.

You can find more details about this project here

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