Peugeot 205 GTi Tolman Edition – hot-hatch restomod perfection

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It may look like a completely standard Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6, but don’t be fooled. This car has been totally dismantled and rebuilt as a sympathetic evolution of the ’80s original. A restomod? Of sorts. But almost certainly the most detailed 205 GTi money could buy. Jonny had to go and have a drive of this better-than-new hot hatch icon.

A few years ago the owner of Tolman Motorsport in Rugby, Chris Tolman, decided he’d like to revisit his feisty teen idol hatch, but utilising all of the engineering expertise within the company to make subtle refinements in order to achieve resto-mod status. This late model (1992) Sorrento Green 1.6 has been the prototype for what has now accidentally become a ‘blueprint’ turnkey vehicle offered to customers. And before you ask, this particular car came with the 1.9 wheels from the factory!

The Tolman 205 is a £45k car, which initially made Jonny gulp. There are certain things to consider though. Firstly, 205 GTis are no longer £1500 with an MoT. A very clean stock example is pushing £20k now, some beyond. Now factor in this Pug has been blast stripped, repaired if needed, painted and lacquered inside and out.

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Filmed and edited by: Michael ‘Dougie’ Douglass
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant

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