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The effects of Russians invasion on Ukraine is reverberating all around the world and felt in almost every industry. It has caused major supply chain shortages in addition to the effects of covid 19. It has also particularly affected the auto industry especially the EV industry. Rivian just announced that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is one of the major challenges the auto maker is facing as it tries to ramp up production in Normal.
“Russian military actions and the resulting sanctions could adversely affect the global economy and financial markets and lead to instability and lack of liquidity in capital markets, potentially making it more difficult for us to obtain additional funds, as well as further disrupting the supply chain,” Rivian said. “Any of the foregoing factors could have a material adverse effect on our business, prospects, financial condition, results of operations, and cash flows. The extent and duration of the military action, sanctions, and resulting market and/or supply disruptions are impossible to predict, but could be substantial.”
EV production began at Rivian six months ago, but it’s gotten off to a slower start than was hoped. COVID-19 and global supply chain pressures have challenged many automakers, including Rivian. The semiconductor, or chip, shortage has been among the most painful. Rivian said supply chain problems will essentially limit production by half in 2022.
Despite all these, Rivian still has big plans for the company
The automaker started reaching out to its R1S preorder holders and assigning then Rivian guides. These are Rivian agents who would guide customers through their order, payment methods and deliveries including any after sales request or questions you might have.

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