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For this showcase we spoke to the RAC’s head of technical James Gibson and director of EVs Sarah Winward-Kotecha to find out how the RAC is helping EV drivers who run out of charge or break down, as well as what it’s doing to encourage more drivers to go electric.

EV Boost, which works via a lightweight generator fitted to the engine of an RAC van, is designed to
get a flat or severely depleted EV going again in around 30 minutes. The All Wheels Up rapid
recovery system enables RAC patrols to tow broken-down EVs safely with the drive wheels off the
road so that a separate recovery truck isn’t needed.

The RAC is also giving drivers the chance to lease EVs affordably and get a smart home charger
installed, complete with an off-peak specialist EV tariff. In addition, it’s got a team of EV Experts
ready to answer drivers’ questions and a host of online guides to help with choosing, charging and
running an EV.

For more information: www.rac.co.uk/electric-cars

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