Real Barn Find Ford Sierra 4×4 rescue required crane and digger! 4k

From The Late Brake Show.

Real Barn Find Ford Sierra 4×4 rescue required crane and digger! When a guy called Richard Cheeseman from Kent contacted The Late Brake Show to say he wasn’t sure if his 1989 Ford Sierra GLS 2.9i 4×4 was of sufficient barn find status, naturally we wanted to know more.

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Firstly, the scenario. Richard hadn’t seen the car since parking it at the back of his brother in-law’s old chicken shed and throwing a thick truck side-curtain over it. That was 20 years ago. The shed was used by the family as a dumping ground for horticultural machinery, farming bric-a-brac and random car parts. But here’s the thing; the barn roof partially collapsed two years ago, and it was right in the area where the Sierra lurked. Was it ruined? Was it an incredible time capsule? He didn’t know.

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Edited by: Phil Vaughn Pritchard
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Jonny Smith
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0:00 Intro
1:21 Meet Richard
5:25 Digger time
5:36 Nissan Vanette!
6:08 Hedge find Ford Iveco truck
7:20 The clearing begins
8:47 Sierra GLS 4×4 history
10:07 Sierra FOUND!
12:22 NOS fog lights
13:03 First sighting of Sierra
13:38 NOS Viva HA wing
15:32 Collapsed roof SOOOO CLOSE
16:00 Front end uncovered
17:04 Bring out the digger…
17:28 Inside the Sierra
19:18 Preparing to lift the roof
20:00 Digger pulls out the Sierra
21:18 Sierra out in the sun
22:47 2.9i V6 engine
24:45 Will it run?
30:13 Verdict

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