Rebooting Rebecca Episode 4 (Short version) – Building the Inverter

From Transport Evolved.

Kate’s been blowing things up in the garage…. Well not exactly, but nearly. But why? Well, she’s been building the inverter – and she made a really basic mistake. But…maybe it survived?

Find out what happened in the latest installment of her Morris Minor Conversion updates.

Long cut:

00:00 – Introduction
01:35 – The fate of the first inverter
02:51 – The second inverter…and more tools
03:28 – Building the open inverter board
03:45 – Separating the two halves of the inverter
04:22 – Switching the boards
04:40 – Failing to connect
06:00 – Epic stupidity
07:00 – What’s next?
09:14 – Thanks, and goodbye!

Presenter, Camera, Script, Coloring : Kate Walton-Elliott
End Credits, Artwork: Erin Carlie

© Transport Evolved LLC, 2022

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