Renault Megane e-Tech: A QUIETLY brilliant, very French EV

From Fully Charged Show.

Robert heads to Southern Spain to spend some time with Renault’s latest EV: the Megane E-Tech. This stylish family crossover will have its work cut out standing out in an already saturated segment – but with almost a decade of EV experience under its belt thanks to the Zoe, Renault clearly has a few tricks up its sleeve.

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0:00 Sunny Spain
3:28 Only electric
4:30 Pleasant drive
5:20 Light, small & simple
7:18 Platform, batteries & range
9:20 Design – we like it
10:30 Door confusion
11:31 Battery lifecycle
13:11 Boot chat
14:49 Interesting interior
16:10 Modes
17:26 Slim battery
18:47 Final thoughts

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