Rivian R1T Body and Cargo Space Dimensions

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One of the aspects Rivian has methodically developed in its vehicles is storage options. The storage options in the R1T adventure electric truck are brilliant. Rivian wants all of its present and future customers to understand how functional their electric pickup is. Unlike any truck currently offered on the market today, which there aren’t many, the R1T features a number of storage solutions that will make any job or play day that much more efficient. The automaker recently released details of the storage options available, citing their sizes and options that make them a breeze to use.
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Here is a complete breakdown of all the storage options in the Rivian R1T adventure electric truck. How big of a truck is it? The Rivian R1T looks like a big truck, and it is. Rivians focus when designing the truck was to make sure it was large enough to comfortably fit five passengers along with the gear, but not so large that it would be hard to park or fit in a normal american sized garage.

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