Rivian R1T – Here’s the Effect of Towing Car On a Trailer on Range

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The first electric pickup trucks are finally arriving, and the ones that have been available for some publications to test drive so far, like the 2022 GMC Hummer EV and 2022 Rivian R1T, are very good. But as eye-opening as they’ve been, one element of their operation remains unknown. How well do they handle towing, particularly over long distances? That answer, according to one new Rivian owner pulling a car across the country, is pretty adequately provided.
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Towing is one of the most demanding tasks for an electric vehicle to pull off. While torque which is easily achieved on electric cars will help get you going, the extra weight and the increased aerodynamic drag will decrease the projected range on your ev significantly. Other factors such as elevation change, speed, and weather will also affect range.
The Rivian R1T recently launched in the USA as one of the few all-electric pickup trucks on the market accessible and available to buy today, though however, deliveries may take a while if you arder today. While, however, mostly in the hands of Rivian employees, the R1T has already made a big splash in the market. Non Rivian employees have just started receiving deliveries for their R1Ts, so we are going to see much more what the Rivian can do in the near future.
An R1T owner decided to take a cross-country trip while towing a Ford Mustang on a trailer. The journey was not, apparently, an advertising stunt but somewhat essential due to a relocation from Michigan to California.
It is, probably, the first real-world cross-country towing test for the Rivian R1T, which had to cover around 2,700 miles (4,344 km). The whole story was documented on Instagram.
According to Rivian, the Rivian R1T is able to tow 11,000 lbs. (4,990 kg), in which case the pickup’s distance might be cut in half. As the EPA range rating for this car is 314 miles (505 km), we expect a towing distance to be around 157 miles (253 km).

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