Rivian rolls back big price increases on preorders

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Pretty much everything in the Rivian configurator has gone up in price. However, the cheapest and lowest specked version of the R1T still costs $67500 but the specs have dropped down to a dual motor variant with 260 miles of range.
The previously priced 67 and a half thousand dollars R1T variant with the standard pack, quad motor powertrain is now $79500
The 400-mile max battery pack has gone up to 16000 from $10000 and the 300-mile large battery pack is now $6000 from no additional cost.
Two Rivian colors were previously offered at no extra cost, the LA silver and Glacier white. Now only one color remains as standard and the Glacier white has gone to a paid color at $1750. Some paint options also saw price increases like the El Cap going from $1500 to $2500.
The three-person tent price with two cargo cross bars has been raised from $2,650 to $3100.
Pricing for the camp kitchen has gone up to $6750 from $5000. I mean, the camping kitchen being five thousand dollars was already very expensive. The fact that it’s closer to seven thousand dollars is just upsetting. That is a pretty big jump for some cookware and a cooktop.
The off-road upgrade is gone… you get the tow hooks included and the underbody shield is now $2000 which was what the upgrade originally was.
The Full-sized spare went from $800 to $900
The Tonneau cover is now optional, with the powered version costing $3000 and the manual option up to $1800. it’s also a selectable option as an upgrade for the Explore package
The Wall charger went from $500 to $750
Cargo Crossbars increase $450 to $500
Ocean Coast interior is now $2000 extra
These are mostly the price hikes for the R1T and the R1S where applicable.

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