Rivian Waypoints Chargers Network

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Rivians plans for deploying its network of chargers is a little bit different from its predecessor tesla. Tesla supercharger stations are located across the country targeting major cities and highways to ease charging for tesla customers doing roadtrips or or city commutes. Rivian on the other has decided to place its chargers at locations where customers are more likely to take camping trips and other such activities synonymous to rivians advertised branding of outdoors camping and adventure.
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Rivian, In an effort to accomplish this goal, has announced a new partnership with Under Canvas to bring EV charging to some of the most beautiful campgrounds in the US.
Adventure and the outdoors is Rivians thing, tagline and they have manages to make the Rivian name synonymous with adventure. Since the beginning, Rivian has been marketing its electric vehicles as “adventure vehicles”. They made an electric pickup truck that is good enough and in many cases better in doing anything a gas-powered pickup can do and more, so it made sense to emphasize that with putting the vehicles in adventure scenarios.
One challenge in making that a reality is deploying charging infrastructure where the adventures are, which are – more often than not – in remote areas.
Rivian announced two main charging networks to address that challenge: Rivian Waypoints and Rivian Adventure Network.
Rivian Waypoints charger network
Rivian Waypoint chargers are Level 2 chargers that will be located near shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, parks and other popular destinations. Rivian is planning to install more than 10,000 Waypoint Chargers across the US and Canada through 2023. These charging sites will be open to the public and have a J1772 plug, making them compatible with other electric vehicles. Charging rates and speeds will vary depending on the site. You’ll be able to find and navigate to charging locations directly from the touchscreen of your rivian.

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