Robert’s Battery, Solar & Charger Set-up | Everything Electric Show

From Everything Electric Show.

As we continue to showcase what’s possible with clean home technologies here on the Everything Electric Show channel, in this week’s episode we’re returning to a previously released episode where Robert takes us through his Tesla Powerwall set-up.

Guided by Dr Chris Jardine, from award winning industry experts Joju Solar, we find out how Robert’s Powerwall connects seamlessly with his solar and EV charger so that even in a power cut he can charge his car, cook dinner and catch up on all the latest episodes.

0:00 Intro
00:43 Robert’s 1 in 100
02:04 26.8kWh of storage
03:27 Tiered System Design
04:32 3-phase connected
05:47 Backup Gateway
08:30 Cheap Overnight Electricity
09:51 Peak Shaving Goals
11:13 Feed-In Tariffs
13:30 Domestic Battery Evolution
15:14 Outro

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