Shell Recharge EV Charging Station Review

From Tom Moloughney.

We test the Shell ReCharge 40-amp electric vehicle charging station and offer our thoughts and rating in this comprehensive review.

Order the Shell ReCharge charging station from Amazon:
Lectron Tesla adapter shown in the video:
J1772 Connector holster & cable hook shown in video:

0:00 Intro
1:33 Inside the carrying case & first look
4:41 Power delivery and charging times
5:21 Charging Tesla vehicles & adapter problem
8:00 No audible confirmation when attached to the vehicle or adapter
9:50 Wall mounting
10:15 Connector holster/cable management
10:39 Plugging the ReCharge into a 240-v outlet
11:47 Plugging into a 120-v outlet
14:14 Safety certification
15:20 Outdoor rating
16:00 Display screen and adjustable functions
18:10 Drop test
19:25 Cable pull test
20:20 Extreme weather water test
22:30 Cable deep freeze test
25:47 Summary and ratings
29:39 Outro

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