Should This Folding Electric Bicycle Be In Your Tesla Frunk? Reviewing The Fiido D-11

From Transport Evolved.

The D-11 is a sub $1000 dollar, 250W folding bike from Fiido ( Is that $1000 dollars well spent? Or should you go with an established brand? We check out how this direct to consumer* bike stacks up!

* Fiido indicate they will have US and European service centers by March next year, but those centers are not open yet.

** Please note – Fiido provided a review unit to make this review possible. In keeping with our usual policy, Fiido had no input into the video.

Presenter: Kate Walton-Elliott
Production: Transport Evolved
Teeshirt: Rainy Day Records Olympia


00:00 – A Bit of History
01:00 – The New manufacturers
02:12 – First impressions
02:50 – Power output
04:00 – Cadence sensor
04:23 – Cruise Control
05:03 – The seat adjustment
06:00 – No folding pedals but folding bike
06:48 – Bike Specs – Part 1
08:13 – The display
09:10 – The gears
09:52 – Hill climbing
11:52 – The brakes
13:52 – The e-bike effect
15:32 – The specs – Part 2
16:39 – The included bike lock and app
18:06 – Wet weather and the Fiido D-11
20:05 – Final thoughts
24:56 – Thanks!


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