SparkCharge Roadie Rescues Another Dead Tesla

From Tom Moloughney.

After rescuing a stranded Tesla Model 3 a few weeks ago, I received another call from my friend that has an EV rental company in New Jersey. Another customer that rented a Model 3 had run out of charge 12 miles from the nearest Tesla Supercharger. He was only 10 miles from my house, so I agreed to help out one more time and rescue the stranded Tesla driver.

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0:00 Introduction
1:15 charging the battery modules
5:00 I arrive at the scene
5:55 Unloading the Roadie and plugging it in
7:22 The Roadie is plugged in & we check the Model 3’s display screen for charging info
8:35 Update after 10 minutes of charging
9:07 Update after 22 minutes of charging
10:15 Charging stopped after 25 minutes
11:45 What’s next?

Want more information on the SparkCharge Roadie system? Visit the Sparkcharge website: