Subaru Solterra: The Cure To ‘Pretend’ SUVs?

From Fully Charged Show.

Amid a sea of electric SUVs that are really just high-riding cars with bits of plastic cladding, the new Subaru Solterra seems to offer something different: genuine SUV capability. With superior ground clearance, impressive practicality and dedicated off-road settings, could Subaru’s first ever EV be the perfect electric car for outdoorsy types? And is its EV hardware up to scratch?

00:00 Remember when SUVs weren’t pointless?
1:27 The Toyota connection
2:54 Not a great start on paper…
3:26 A soggy exterior walkaround
5:59 Off-roading time!
7:48 Interior: pros & cons
12:05 On-road review
14:01 (in)Efficiency
17:18 The verdict

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