Taycan Sport Turismo GTS review. Porsche’s EV estate finally steals Audi RS6 crown

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Taycan Sport Turismo GTS – Porsche’s EV finally steals Audi’s RS6 crown.

If you have followed TLBS channel since its name change then you may recall our review of the first Porsche Taycan estate – the Cross Turismo shape. With raised ride height, AWD as standard and a smattering of Audi Allroad-esque plastic cladding, the X Turismo really impressed The CarPervert. A bit like the Panamera long-roof, it was almost the car Porsche should have made all along.

Jonny’s verdict of the Taycan Cross implied that Porsche will build a non-Cross version, which he believed would look cleaner, cost less, and possibly give the option of having as a base model rwd (single motor) EV. That day has arrived.

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