TEN 364 – Kia EV6 Fast Charge Cannonball, LA Auto Show EVs, President Biden Drives a Hummer EV

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01:27 – Kia EV 6 sets new charging record on New York to LA run
02:25 – Volkswagen halts EV production as chip shortage bites
03:16 – Nissan unveils production Ariya for North America, opens order books
04:09 – Hyundai unveils its SEVEN concept at LA Auto Show
04:55 – Kia unveils EV9 Concept at LA Auto Show
05:50 – Fisker unveils production Ocean SUV at LA Auto Show
06:45 – Porsche unveils the GTS variants of the Porsche Taycan, Taycan Cross Turismo
07:46 – Subaru, Toyota uneil twin electric cars
08:38 – Storedot announces new strategic partnership as it ships cells to automakers
09:29 – Taking a Ride
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11:00 – JP Morgan Sues Tesla over “420 Tweets”
11:19 – Volvo unveils the Concept Recharge at LA
11:33 – Entry level Model S, Model X deliveries pushed out to 2023
11:49 – Faraday Future delays SEC filing as Short-Seller allegations are investigated
12:06 – Tesla starts rolling out Starlink at Supercharger sites
12:19 – Volvo gives its XC40 Recharge a facelift you won’t spot
12:38 – Experts say U.S. Build Back Better, Infrastructure Bills, will have minimal effects on inflation
13:12 – Lucid announces third-quarter financials for 2021
13:26 – Tesla announces installing a quarter million powerwalls
13:40 – Toyota tries (again) to keep ICE alive
13:58 – Mercedes-EQB will launch in Europe with two drivetrain options
14:13 – Mercedes-EQB will launch in Europe with two drivetrain options
14:28 – Volcon plans a nationwide U.S. dealer network
14:44 – Tesla autopilot exhonorated in NTSB investigation, Driver found at fault
15:02 – Volta begins small scale pre-production for the Volta Zero
15:17 – Lucid becomes more valuable than Ford
15:34 – Rivian overtakes Volkswagen as third-most valuable automaker
15:48 – Volkswagen ID.3 shown to have lost a lot of battery capacity in short order
16:04 – Honda’s new autonomous work vehicle reminds us of a beloved film
16:20 – Consumer Reports shows that brand loyalty shines through for Tesla owners
16:36 – Ample announces new partnership and more funding
16:54 – BMW CE-04 in production
17:09 – Airflow announces new aircraft capable of short take off and landing
17:25 – Merchants Fleet orders 5,400 more Bright Drop vans
17:39 – Hyundai electrifies a boxy classic from the 80s.
17:57 – VinFast makes its US debut at the LA Auto Show
18:48 – Ultraviolette showcases its F77 testing.
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