TEN 366 – F150 Lightning Pre-Orders On Hold, Renault ZOE Crash Test Fail, Porsche Virtual GT.

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Thanks to @furiousdriving for allowing us to use their Aston Martin Lagonda EV footage.

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01:22 – Ford stops taking pre-reservations for F150 Lightning as it hits 200,000 hand-raisers
02:19 – Kia EV6 becomes one of the most efficient EVs on sale
03:27 – Stellantis showcases Chrysler Airflow EV at Software Day
04:31 – 2022 Renault ZOE gets zero stars in latest EuroNCAP tests
05:42 – New York Times alleges Tesla’s 2016 Autopilot demo video wasn’t representative of actual operation
06:51 – Transport & Environment publishes data showing e-fuels aren’t any cleaner than gasoline fuels
07:53 – BMW begins deliveries of iX EV after receiving a 5-star crash rating from euroNCAP
08:49 – Herbert Diess stays on as Volkswagen Group CEO
09:47 – Gridserve expands its electric forecourts in the UK
10:53 – Elon Musk Comes Out Against The Build Back Better Bill
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13:31 – 2022 Ford Mustang Mach E gets a price rise
13:45 – President Biden signs executive order for zero emission Federal fleet by 2027
14:00 – Dacia Spring gets one star EuroNCAP rating
14:27 – Mercedes-Benz EQB Gets 5-star EuroNCAP rating
14:43 – 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS gets 5-star EuroNCAP rating
14:58 – Fiat 500e gets four-star EuroNCAP rating
15:17 – Lamborghini says the first electric lambo will come in 2027 or 2028
15:34 – NorthVolt to open Gothenburg R&D Center for Volvo
15:47 – GM announces the opening of its first BrightDrop dealership
16:00 – UK ruling makes Uber liable for anything that goes wrong with the service, removing liability for drivers
16:19 – Changes to Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y rumered to be on the way for 2023
16:34 – Utilities announce nationwide charging network in the U.S.
16:50 – Arrival commits to building a North Carolina battery plant for its delivery vehicles and buses
17:06 – Mass EV Adoption plus smaller cities are vital to kerb climate change
17:22 – Tesla expands anti-ICE bollards at Chinese Superchargers
17:37 – Volkswagen confirms a ‘California’ Camper variant of the I.D. will be made
17:53 – Senate Parliamentarians will examine the $4,500 ‘union’ bonus to the Build Back Better Bill
18:07 – Volkswagen inks more deals with suppliers, including 24M and Umicore
18:21 – Polestar 2 gets official rating for its longest-range variant
18:35 – NHTSA wants to talk to Tesla about enabling games while behind the wheel
18:51 – Alaska gets its own charging network
19:07 – Ford says it is planning a full-size electric truck made in very high volumes
19:22 – GM says the Silverado EV will begin production in early 2023
19:39 – Tesla stops taking orders for Model S, Model X outside North America
19:55 – Nio rolls out its 700th battery swap station
20:10 – Eviation showcases the inside of its luxury electric plane
20:26 – LG Energy Prepares an IPO
20:47 – Porsche unveils a new virtual gran tourer concept for Sony’s Gran Turismo Game
21:54 – Classic Aston Martin Lagonda gets converted to an EV
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