TEN 369: Ford Hits $100Bn, NADA +EVs? Sony’s Remote Control Electric Car

From Transport Evolved.

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00:00 – Start
00:34 – Welcome!
00:56 – Sponsor Message
01:12 – Thanks to EV push, Ford is now worth $100 Billion
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11:57 – Volkswagen AG BEV deliveries double in 2021
12:13 – Nikola Tré approved for EV incentives in California
12:27 – Chevrolet gives a Twitter VR tour of the Silverado EV, but struggles to answer questions
12:46 – The U.S. Federal Government starts upgrading the U.S. electrical grid
13:02 – Average range of New EVs dropped in 2021 – but there’s a good reason
13:18 – Rivian sponsors charging stations with Adopt-a-Charger in California
13:36 – TSportLine comes out with aftermarket ‘yoke replacements’ for Model S, X
13:53 – Henrik Fisker teases a new car on twitter – then deletes the tweet
14:09 – BMW enjoys more than double its plug-in sales of 2020 in 2021
14:26 – Rumors suggest Kia is well ahead of schedule with EV6 deliveries
14:43 – Mercedes-Benz commits to in-house powertrain EV construction from 2024
15:00 – Kandi teams up to develop battery swap EVs for China
15:17 – Toshiba unveils a new battery with longer life than existing lithium-ion offerings
15:34 – Tesla’s attempt to get NTHSA to immediately increase fines for CAFE non-compliance fails in court
15:56 – U.S. Postal Service says it could go electric – but it needs $3.3 billion to do so
16:12 – Oregon increases it low income incentives for EV purchasing
16:28 – BMW still not convinced it’s smart to make EV batteries in-house
16:48 – CARB, GM come to agreement on emissions standard within California
17:04 – Nuro unveils its latest autonomous delivery robotic vehicle
17:22 – Tesla may have to report accidents, collisions with FSD Beta as people abuse the system in California
17:39 – Honda remains indecisive about making EVs in North America
17:57 – Local Motors and its Olli Electric autonomous vehicle are no more
18:14 – Alpha motors develops another (possibly rendered?) Prototype
18:35 – Valais, Switzerland ends PHEV incentives
18:57 – Security researcher claims they’ve gained control of two-dozen Teslas – but blames poor owner security not Tesla
19:16 – CATL patents a new metal-anode free Sodium battery
19:33 – BMW i-Ventures invests in HeyCharge!
19:49 – Denmark commits to go fossil-free for domestic flights by 2030
20:11 – Sony demonstrates remote-control EV from Japan to Germany
21:08 – Hyundai recycles prototype IONIQ 5 to an air purifier
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25:44 – Thanks, and Goodbye!