TEN 371 – TSLA Breaks Records, Electric Nissan Micra Replacement, BMW i3 To End Production

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01:00 – Tesla posts best results yet – but delays Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster to 2023
02:13 – GM announces $7 Billion spend on EV factories – but could leave Chevy Bolt EV homeless
03:16 – Volkswagen begins series production of the ID.5 SUV Coupé in Germany
04:14 – Porsche Taycan sets new cross-country EV charging record
05:11 – Backed by Texas Governor Abbott, ExxonMobil claims its first amendment rights are being infringed upon in emissions counter-suing
06:26 – Inside EVs manages 500-miles in A Lucid Air at 70 mph
07:32 – Nissan teases an all-electric replacement to its Micra city car
08:31 – As Ford prepares 2022 e-Transit for market, Walmart is one of its biggest customers
09:30 – JD Power EV Experience Survey says some interesting things about EV ownership
10:26 – UK TV production company digs for dirt, asks EV owners to talk about running out of charge
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12:06 – Ola plans massive R&D center in the UK.
12:22 – Lamborghini says all future vehicles will have an electric motor
12:36 – LG, GM, announce another massive battery factory
12:53 – Jidu receives. $400 million in Series A from co-owners Baidu and Geely
13:08 – Autoflight shows proof of concept craft for transitioning from eVTOL to normal flight
13:24 – 2022 Kia EV6 gets pricing, range ratings for US market
13:39 – Jim Farley says Ford will deliver 600,000 EVs in the next 22-months.
13:55 – Yamaha debuts its EMF electric scooter with gogoro battery swapping in Taiwan
14:15 – Ola stops. producing S1 scooter to prioritize S1 Pro scooter, offers customers the chance to upgrade for a fee, or wait.
14:32 – The PRC sold half-a-million plug-in cars during December 2021
14:48 – Maserk announces off-shore charging system for ships
15:08 – Ford reveals a prototype “escape-room” style game for the Mustang Mach E
15:23 – Store Dot says it has developed a way to extend the life of EV batteries that are subjected to extreme fast charging
15:42 – Royal BAM debuts an electric road paving machine
15:59 – Elon Musk appears to cheer on anti-vaccine truckers in Canada
16:15 – Consumer Reports rates Kia e-Niro higher than LEAF or Bolt EV.
16:34 – New study suggests European COVID-19 lockdowns prevented upwards of 800 air-pollution-related deaths
16:49 – Federal court gives go-ahead for Baltimore’s case against fossil fuel companies over anthropogenic climate change.
17:04 – Kia’s EV6 Superbowl ad to feature a robot dog
17:19 – Washington State considers generous new EV incentive program
17:35 – Federal court stops more than 80 oil and gas leases auctioned off by Biden Administration
17:49 – Tesla China launches Karaoke system for Teslas
18:05 – Zaiser reveals its all-electric motorcycle design.
18:21 – Final design chosen for Fox e-Motor’s MIA 2.0
18:39 – Bentley finally announces its intention to go electric.
18:55 – Foxconn says Lordstown Endurance will ship this year.
19:09 – Electric bicycles. outselling plug-in vehicles in the U.S.
19:25 – BMW begins to offer bespoke EV conversions for classic MINI
19:45 – Aptera shares progress of Beta Testing
20:31 – BMW confirms the final BMW i3 will be made in July
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