TEN 372 – Model X Delays, Ford Punishes Stealerships, Super Bowl Ads

From Transport Evolved.

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00:50 – Elon Musk admits model X ramp-up is causing problems
01:40 – Volvo’s Torslanda facility gets a SEK 10 Billion makeover ahead of EV production there
02:36 – Nissan ending most ICE development around the world… except in the U.S.
03:33 – RAM teases more info about its upcoming electric pickup, including a range-extended option
04:32 – CATL remains the world’s largest EV battery manufacturer for the fifth year running.
05:25 – Hyundai IONIQ 5 Gets tweaks for the 2023 model year in Europe
06:17 – Ford follows Tesla’s lead, continually improving its electric vehicles and saving $$$$
07:12 – Tesla posts job listing for its Giga Berlin paint shop, shares video of the facility in operation
08:09 – Most Aptera orders get estimated delivery dates pushed back to 2023/2024
09:06 – Ford gets tough with dealers on F150 Lightning mark ups
10:48 – Tesla Model Y best selling compact SUV and second most popular car in the state last year
11:05 – Harley Davidson confirms sell off of Livewire brand, new bikes, happening soon
11:21 – Seimens confirms it helped Ford build the Charge Station Pro
11:37 – Smart decides to use # symbol in its naming convention for new vehicles
11:56 – Ireland restarts its electric taxi program
12:11 – Norway’s increase in fossil fuel drilling doesn’t align with its climate goals
12:25 – Last shale well in the UK capped thanks to fracking ban
12:42 – Tesla sued for institutionalized racism and segregated workforce at Fremont facility
12:59 – XPeng announces new sales, service and distribution in The Netherlands, Sweden
13:13 – California registers its millionth plug-in car
13:30 – Carmichael Institute says australia has a once-in-a-generation chance to bring back domestic automotive manufacturing, thanks to electric cars
13:47 – The Chief Engineer of the new Tesla Roadster leaves Tesla for Ford
14:02 – WI legislature in the U.S. looks to make EV charging hard
14:19 – Continental, Voltero develop a charging robot for parking spaces
14:33 – DS new concept e-Tense is a great looking hint of the future of the brand
14:47 – Correlation between Blue v Red states shows 76% of EV sales last year came from Biden-voting states
15:02 – Hydrofoil Company Navier completes its seeding funding round
15:17 – Electreon joins CharIN
15:33 – Subaru Solterra order books open
15:47 – Ford e-transit deliveries now under way
16:03 – NTHSA tells Tesla to turn off Boombox feature
16:21 – US Government announces $5 Billion EV charging infrastructure program
16:37 – Hidden images inside Ford’s latest Ford Connect app suggest a summon feature for the F150 lightning is on the way
16:52 – KTM e-Duke confirmed
17:08 – Faraday Future announces a manufacturing partnership for the FF-81
17:24 – NTHSA paperwork shows the root cause of the Tesla Model 3/ Model Y heating problems
17:42 – Nikola’s entire supply chain management resigns
18:00 – Toyota patents pseudo gear shifter and clutch for Evs
18:20 – Online videos show FSD Beta failing to drive safely
19:27 – EVs go to the big game with Super Bowl Ads