TEN 377 – Powerwalls To Ukraine, Rivian Loses, How Lucid Airs Work

From Transport Evolved.

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00:52 – Tesla donates Powerwalls to Ukraine, details how to use them off-line.
02:09 – Ford halts order books on Mustang Mach E California Route 1 and Premium trims
03:07 – Tesla confirms delivery event at Giga Berlin for March 22
03:58 – Rivian reveals its quarterlies
04:56 – New study shows smart chargers, more EVs, can make our grid cleaner, not dirtier
05:55 – NIO ET7 Test drives begin in China, with deliveries due to start at the end of the month
06:53 – Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida says he will sign a new bill killing net metering
08:03 – Saietta and Retro-Motion debut in-wheel conversion kits to turn diesel buses into electric ones
09:03 – Hummer EV sells for $310,000 – but it’s not the subject of an ADM
10:05 – Lucid shows the inner workings of its vehicles in a new web series
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11:41 – Nissan showcases its e-4orce tech in a ramen server
11:59 – LG Energy Solutions acquires a license for new cathode materials
12:15 – EPA allows California to again set its own rules on EVs and emissions requirements
12:30 – Volocopter closes its Series E funding round with €153 million
12:49 – Catalan association of sports and tourist harbors announces a new charging corridor for electric boats
13:07 – GM, PG&E Partner on a new V2G pilot program in California
13:22 – New scientific research paper suggests solid state batteries aren’t always ‘safe’
13:41 – Analysts warn that war in Ukraine will slow down the rush to affordable EV batteries
13:59 – As gas prices hit all-time high, interest in electric vehicles soar.
14:15 – U.S. DoE showcases a study in which it shows medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks will be cheaper to operate than Diesel ones by 2035
14:33 – General Motors inks a deal with Posco on a brand-new $400 million cathode production facility
14:49 – Tesla increase prices of Model 3, Model Y Long range and Model Y Performance as Nickel soars in value
15:04 – GM, Michigan lawmakers agree on a devilishly good incentive for GM to build EV factories in the state
15:23 – Honda’s first electric motorcycle is a dirt bike for children
15:41 – Elon Musk asks the court to stop the SEC policing his twitter account
15:56 – Gogoro unveils a new solid-state swappable battery for its battery swap system
16:12 – Tesla makes new customers wait three times as long for their cars if they don’t spec FSD
16:28 – Chevrolet teases the Blazer SS EV – but there’s very little to see in the teaser
16:45 – Mercedes-Benz EQS recalled over faulty electrical wiring
17:03 – Volkswagen confirms $2.2 Billion factory in Wolfsburg to produce product Trinity
17:19 – Smart confirms its #1 production crossover will debut next month
17:35 – Chinese EV sales in January reached new records
17:51 – Xpeng opens the order books for the P5 in Europe
18:07 – Yamaha reveals its electric bicycle, scooter lineup for Europe
18:22 – Tesla dominates January EV sales in the U.S., with nearly ¾ of the market!
18:40 – Porsche halts all production for the Taycan due to supply chain shortages
18:57 – Hero Eddy electric scooter debuted in India
19:13 – Investor sues Rivian for artificially keeping its launch prices low
19:30 – Hyundai IONIQ 5 wins UK Family Car of the Year and UK Car of the Year
19:51 – UK Company Charge of London announces 499-vehicle run of ’67 Mustang EV
20:48 – Ken Block gets a new ride courtesy of Audi
21:40 – Thanks, and Goodbye