TEN Episode 272 – Faraday Future Exaggerations, EV Sales Record, Polestar 2 Arctic Circle

From Transport Evolved.

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00:48 – Faraday Future admits to exaggerating its reservation numbers
01:37 – Ford considers a spin-off brand to help it raise EV funds
02:29 – Škoda Enyaq iV Coupé breaks cover, comes with RS variant
03:24 – Boeing plows more money into Wisk Aero
04:20 – Research suggests Tesla Autopilot safety figures aren’t fairly taking into account how Autopilot is used
05:15 – 6.5 Million plug-in vehicles sold during 2021
06:08 – US grid interconnect asks for 2-year pause on new renewable projects to deal with backlog
07:00 – BMW, Electrify America announce free charging program for BMW customers
07:55 – ELMS suffers massive share price drop as CEO, Chairman both leave
08:47 – General Motors focuses heavily on EV future in latest earnings call
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10:21 – Panasonic beginning test production of 4680 form-factor cells for Tesla
10:37 – ID Buzz lack of frunk upsets some
10:52 – Wallbox’s Superbowl Ad has us scratching our heads
11:08 – Fresco Unveils its eight-seat Fesco XL
11:24 – Israel says all bus operators must buy electric-only buses from 2026
11:40 – Pressure mounts on President Biden to acknowledge Elon Musk, Tesla
11:56 – Survey suggests people are, in general, in favor of reduced air travel and lifestyle changes to tackle climate change
12:11 – Electrify America comes out top in new charging survey, followed by Tesla’s Supercharger network
12:28 – British Volt, Glencore sign up to work together on a UK-based battery recycling ecosystem
12:41 – Lightning eMotors gets green light from GM to electrify its Class 3 to Class 6 commercial vehicles
12:57 – Transport Canada investigates Tesla heaters failing in winter
13:11 – EV sales in Australia doubled in January
13:27 – Juice Bar EV comes up with a clever way to help existing 3G infrastructure get replaced
13:42 – Tesla applies for planning permission for cathode facility next to GigaTexas
13:56 – California prepares to change its EV incentive program
14:13 – Lincoln makes cryptic references to future electric lineup
14:28 – RAC patrol cars go electric in the UK
14:44 – Aston Martin says it will become electrified – but doesn’t provide any clarification
15:00 – Jaguar says it will build a new EV platform codenamed “Panthera” for future EVs
15:15 – Daimler Group splits, rebrands itself
15:28 – Union Pacific buying electric locomotives
15:43 – UK DVLA contacts owners of converted electric cars – reversts registration to original fuel type, demands money for back taxes
15:58 – Vauxhall Corsa-e helps find future female racing legends
16:14 – Avionics Aquila launches with an incredibly large price tag
16:30 – USPS comes under fire after it was disclosed the new postal delivery trucks will average 8mpg
16:47 – Tork Kratos breaks cover in India
17:01 – Volvo, Northvolt confirm Gothenburg as home to Gigafactory
17:15 – Tesla addresses two recalls with OTA fixes
17:36 – Polestar builds an ice-racing one-off Polstar 2
18:38 – Company seeks to turn Tesla Cybertruck into a Catamaran – or maybe it’s an early April fool?
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