TEN Episode 365: EV Market Share Rises, Nissan & Honda Double Down, Camping With A Taycan

From Transport Evolved.

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01:18 – Global EV market share now at 8.8%
02:06 – Volkswagen I.D. Buzz edges closer to production, spied with minimal camouflage
03:02 – Stelantis CEO says transition to EVs will be hard on the auto industry
04:07 – Toyota plans to sell BZ4X Using special sales team.
05:06 – Nissan revamps its EV plans for 2030
06:00 – As part of its plans to expand its future offerings, Honda looks for partners to work with
06:51 – Polestar shows the progress in turning the Precept into the Polestar 5
07:48 – Ford poised to overtake GM in EV sales for 2021
08:34 – BMW Motorrad plans to bring the CE-04 to North America
09:33 – Rivian trademarks “Rivian Scout”
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11:46 – Order PlacedDB Schenker orders Volta Zero electric trucks
11:59 – Project Maybach is like nothing we’ve seen before
12:15 – Polaris XP Kinetic sells out shortly after ATV goes live
12:29 – Škoda Enyaq IV models get improved charging for 2022
12:46 – OnRoute, Ivy collaborate to electrify Canadian highways
13:00 – Menlo EV gets a boost in China
13:13 – Tesla loses court case in Norway over tweaked Model S charge speeds, ordered to pay $14k to each owner in damages
13:27 – GM joins responsible mining group for battery raw materials
13:43 – West Oakland gets 17 rapid chargers to attempt to improve EV access
13:58 – Foxconn allegedly in talks with the Saudi Government over Ev manufacturing
14:12 – Tesla recalls some Model Y cars
14:25 – India’s EV incentive program reaches 165,000 subsidized purchases
14:39 – Electrify America celebrates installing 30 MWh of Tesla Powerpacks at its charging sites
14:57 – BMW asks India for tax breaks as it ramps up its EV presence there.
15:14 – Factorial Energy welcomes Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis as new investors
15:28 – Mazda MX-30 EV has terrible sales figures since launch
15:43 – Tesla unveils Tesla Cyberquad for kids. It sells out.
15:59 – Mercedes-Benz prices EQB in Europe
16:13 – Elon Musk says the Cybertruck will be an ‘Insane Technology Bandwagon”
16:30 – StoreDot announces self-repairing cells
16:45 – Formula E teases third-generation race car
17:01 – GM announces plans to build a factory for producing EV battery cathodes
17:15 – Vulcan Energy showcases a way to extract lithium from geothermal sources with zero carbon
17:33 – Toyota, BYD, Partner to build an affordable EV
17:47 – Consumer Reports drops recommendations for the Bolt EV, Bolt EUV
18:03 – Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Teased
18:19 – Shell, NIO, announce partnership for battery swapping and charging in Asia and Europe
18:33 – Zero Labs teases its third-generation EV platform for classic conversions
18:52 – Hyundai IONIQ 5 rated in North America
19:49 – Porsche Taycan turned into a camping vehicle?
20:48 – Thanks, and Goodbye
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Presenter: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield,
Camera: Michael Horton
Produced: Transport Evolved

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