TEN Episode 367: VW Power Up, F150 Ordering, Ken Block’s New Ride

From Transport Evolved.

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The Timings

00:00 – Start
00:30 – Welcome!
01:06 – Sponsor Message
01:19 – Volkswagen announces version 3 of its ID. Software will improve charging times for ID.3, ID.4
02:21 – 2022 Hyundai IONIQ5 gets official pricing (and it’s less than the competition)
03:21 – Rivian publishes its first ever quarterly report – its Q3 2021.
04:32 – Ford updates the official range estimates for the 2022 Mustang Mach E
05:32 – Toyota unveils its plans for a slew of new electric vehicles by 2030
06:45 – Ford’s F150 Lightning dealer order process leaked online
07:50 – Vice President Harris appears confused about how to charge an EV
09:00 – Nissan closes the Barcelona factory where the e-NV200 is made for Europe
10:06 – Citroën reveals a concept buggy based on the Citroën Ami low-speed vehicle
11:09 – Opibus and Uber partner to deploy electric motorcycles across Africa
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13:07 – Mazda uses “Self-Charging Hybrid” nomenclature on its rebadged Toyota Yaris Hybrid (Mazda 2 Hybrid)
13:26 – Audi ups its investment in electrified vehicles to €18 Billion
13:43 – UK Government yet again cuts per-person plug-in car grants
13:57 – LIvewire (the spin off from Harley Davidson) announces a SPAC merger to go public
14:12 – Lightyear announces a new model that it says will start from just €30k
14:26 – Canoo ends its relationship with VDL for production in Europe – but looks to “explore opportunities together”
14:45 – Carlos Ghosn critiques Nissan’s current EV plans
15:02 – Arrival unveils a car-sharing EV it’s developed with car-sharing drivers
15:18 – Tesla comes under fresh scrutiny as six former employees allege sexual harassment at work
15:39 – Audi e-tron GT recalled for air suspension issues
15:54 – Tesla Model S with new taillights spotted at Tesla’s test facility
16:11 – A coalition of automakers call on the U.S. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg to fund rapid chargers – not slow ones
16:28 – Lexus debuts its RZ 450e
16:47 – Volvo discusses the new name for its successor to the XC90
17:02 – Nissan electrifies a 1984 Nissan Bluebird to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its Sunderland plant opening
17:19 – Nikola delivers its first truck
17:38 – Damon motorcycles teases its Colossus Hyperfighter
17:52 – LG Energy’s IPO has been approved in Korea
18:06 – FIA ratifies the 8th season of Formula E
18:21 – Plug-in America announces its fourth annual Drive Electric Award winners
18:39 – Police investigate a fatal shooting at Tesla’s Fremont factory
18:57 – GMC teases its upcoming electric Sierra
19:13 – Chevrolet confirms the Silverado EV reservations open on 1/5/22 – the day it is revealed
19:29 – Viral post leads some news outlets to claim the Ford Mustang Mach E can Supercharge at a Tesla Supercharger
19:48 – John Deer acquires Austrian company Kreisel
20:01 – Ford unveils its Pro Charging solution for commercial customers
20:13 – Nissan commits to building battery recycling facilities in North America and Europe by 2025
20:30 – Opel Corsa E, Mokka gain a little more range for 2022
20:50 – OLA S1 scooters begin deliveries in India
21:54 – Ken Block gets a new car to Hoon – and it’s electric!

Watch Winter’s review of the Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo here: https://youtu.be/nP-SeuTFRIQ