TEN Episode 370 – Airstream EV, Opibus Bus, Liquid Cooled LEAF Packs!

From Transport Evolved.

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00:00 – Start
00:28 – Welcome!
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00:59 – Electric Airstream RV and Camper Van Revealed
02:09 – Getting Ready!
03:09 – Ford prepares to report a massive increase in wealth from Rivian investment
04:12 – Tesla increases pricing of FSD for new orders
05:18 – GM’s Mark Reuss says Cadillac Lryiqs now being produced on its production lines at Spring Hill
06:20 – IIHS develops new rating system for semi-autonomous systems — primarily focused on driver attention
07:25 – Rumors Suggest The Volkswagen e-Up is coming back into production
08:20 – Opibus reveals its first electric bus
09:18 – Tesla driver becomes first to be charged with vehicular manslaughter for misusingAS autopilot and causing a fatal collision
10:35 – Ford opens wave 2 conversions for the F150 Lightning pickup truck
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12:13 – Porsche Taycan becomes the new Formula E safety Car
12:30 – Ducati hints an electric road bike is coming from FIM Moto E
12:47 – Embraer trademarks Energia name
13:03 – Embraer trademarks Energia name
13:18 – Orion township approves abatements for GM plant
13:35 – Honda says no to hydrogen internal combustion as its interest in the fuel drops
13:54 – Factorial Energy gets another $200 million investment
14:08 – Stellantis CEO sends more mixed messages about EVs
14:24 – Ultralight Duffy solar boat launches
14:40 – Tesla Model 3, Y owners get heat pump software update as older Model 3s suffer resistive heating failures
14:57 – Volkswagen buys ¼ of 24 M Technologies
15:14 – JiDu teases its electric Level4 autonomous ‘Robocar’
15:30 – Ahead of the launch of the Battista hypercar, Pininfarina prepares to expand its network of sales centers
15:46 – CATL opens a new battery swap business in China
16:01 – Toyota nears 200,000 plug-in vehicle limit under U.S. Federal Tax Incentive Law
16:20 – Hyundai, IONQ develop partnership to work on next-generation batteries using quantum computing power
16:35 – Electrified vehicle sales beat Diesel sales in Europe last year
16:49 – Company formed by former Tesla, Space X Alum gets major investment for autonomous rail bogeys
17:05 – GM shifts fuel cell development away from vehicles, toward emergency EV charging stations
17:19 – Volkswagen, Bosch explore joint battery manufacturing partnership
17:33 – Nuro picks BYD as its manufacturing partner for its delivery vehicles
17:47 – Tesla applies to trademark its name in the audio world
18:04 – Rivian, Under Canvas, sign an agreement to bring charging to glamping sites
18:21 – Proterra supplies battery supply deal with Nikola Motor
18:38 – Honda invests in SES hybrid lithium-metal battery development
18:53 – NIO opens its first battery swap station in Norway
19:09 – NIO opens its first battery swap station in Norway
19:32 – Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo sets a bizarre new World Record
20:29 – New life on the horizon for Nissan LEAFs and their aged battery packs!
21:48 – Thanks, and Goodbye
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