TEN Episode 375 – Ford Says No to Splitting, Elon’s SEC Fight Intensifies, Stellantis EV Cost

From Transport Evolved.

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01:07 – Ford confirms it has no plans for now to split up its EV/ICE offerings
02:04 – Nissan LEAF gets refresh for 2023 model year – but keeps CHAdeMO
02:49 – Elon Musk says he will finish the fight with the SEC
04:02 – Polestar calls for collaborators on Polestar 0 Project
04:54 – Tesla stops building North-American spec cars with Radar installed
05:40 – Faraday Future unveils its first production intent vehicle, four years after revealing its body-in-white
06:43 – BMW joins the Sustainable Lithium Project
07:36 – Tesla, other automakers, prepare for shut off of 3g Wireless network
08:26 – Stellantis pushes ahead with EV plans, but notes it can’t absorb increased cost of making EVs
09:17 – Elon Musk, Tesla confirm Giga Fest at Giga Austin
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10:55 – Lucid recalls ~200 Air Sedans to rectify a suspension fault
11:11 – Mexico Massively increased gas flaring as it increases oil output – in contravention of climate commitments
11:27 – Transport for London reports success from pedestrian priority traffic signals.
11:45 – Latvian company showcases an electric bike…boat…RV?!
12:03 – MG teases an all-electric MG4 Electric hatchback
12:20 – Norwegian postal service continues its drive toward a fully electric delivery fleet
12:36 – USPS ignores White House and goes with gas-guzzling delivery vehicles instead of EVs
12:53 – VanHool CX45 E manages 1700-miles trip using just public charging
13:10 – Kia, Electrify America, pair up to offer EV6 customers 1,000 kWh free charging on the Electrify America network
13:27 – Latest Tesla software suggests it may offer customers the chance to get a steering wheel instead of Yoke, after all
13:45 – Toyota partners with EVGo to offer 1 year of free charging to BZ4X drivers
14:03 – Lightning eMotors completes its latest expansion phase
14:17 – Voyah prepares to enter the European market with its Free SUV
14:33 – Atlis signs a deal with a U.S. military supplier to electrify military vehicles
14:50 – Witricity announces wireless charging products for several EVs – including Tesla Model 3
15:06 – Tesla settles EPA clean air violations by paying fine
15:26 – QuantumScape opens new R&D center in Kyoto, Japan
15:40 – Lotus teases its Lotus 132 Concept SUV
16:00 – Texas considers new tax on EV drivers
16:18 – Lightyear One plans a European Tour
16:31 – Northvolt to turn former paper mill into cathode factory
16:47 – Kia e-Niro gets refreshed ratings, look for 2023
17:08 – DeLorean confirms electric conepct for Pebble Beach
17:22 – LG Electronics pulls out of solar panel business
17:38 – Tesla rumored to be considering a second gigafactory for Shanghai
17:55 – California is piloting Solar Canals
18:12 – Electric car sales soared in 2021 in the U.S.
18:26 – Duke Energy tests out an all-you-can-eat EV charge buffet
18:43 – Siemens unevils new rapid charging setup for rapid deployment of charging stations.
18:56 – UTI expands its EV technician training
19:11 – Mumbai launhces its EV Cell
19:31 – Vinfast Road Trip already underway
20:26 – Elon Musk says Tesla is working on getting the Entire Steam library playable on a Tesla
21:38 – Thanks, and Goodbye