TEN Episode 378: F150 Lightning EPA Ratings, VW AG Sold Out, AI Addict Fired by Tesla

From Transport Evolved.

Welcome to TEN 378! We’re sorry for the tardy arrival of this video – we had some server-related issues that slowed down production! – Nikki.

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00:00 – Start
00:29 – Welcome!
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00:46 – Sponsor Message
00:58 – EPA ratings leak for the Ford F150 Lightning Pickup Truck
01:57 – Porsche wants 80% of its sales to be electric by 2030, and is making an electric 718!
02:52 – Tesla rolls out version 10.11 of Autopilot FSD Beta
03:40 – Audi showcases the A6 Avant e-tron concept
04:39 – Volkswagen AG says some of its models are sold out until 2023
05:38 – Elon Musk hints he’s working on part 3 of his Master Plan
06:33 – Owner of Cessna and Beechcraft acquires Pipistrel for its electric airplane tech
07:28 – Tesla (again) increases prices for its electric cars
08:26 – Mercedes-Benz cuts the ribbon on its new AL production facility, teases the EQS SUV
09:19 – Tesla Model 3, Nissan LEAF, come out tops in 5-year cost to own ratings from Kelley Blue Book
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10:46 – Second-generation e-Canter from Mitsubishi Fuso begins testing in Japan
11:03 – Geely tests battery swaps for large trucks
11:20 – Nikola to ask its shareholders to approve further dilution of shares
11:39 – Sono says its Sion EV is entering into final pre-production validation
11:58 – Tesla lowers the price of its wall connector
12:15 – Maserati commits to a fully-electric future
12:38 – Tesla shuts down Giga Shanghai as China suffers COVID surge
12:57 – Gogoro announces a new scooter, and the platform which underpins it (which will be licensed out)
13:17 – Mercedes-Benz enters into final testing for eEconic electric truck
13:36 – Cadillac confirms LYRIQ crossover will begin production next week!
13:54 – Starbucks teams up with Chargepoint, Volvo to bring DC Quick charging to Starbucks
14:09 – Ford plans an expanded lineup of EVs for Europe
14:28 – NorthVolt announces a third Gigafactory for EV batteries – this time in Germany
14:46 – Volkswagen delays resumption of EV production due to Russian invasion of Ukraine
15:05 – Mini to bring the Paceman back – as an EV
15:21 – Bristol city council in the UK offers free two-month rental of EVs to local businesses
15:38 – Volkswagen joins the Initiative for Responsible Mining
15:56 – Australian state of Queensland introduces EV purchase incentives
16:13 – Fleet Zero proposes an interesting concept for electric container vessels
16:34 – GMC Hummer EV gets its first recall
16:52 – Evergrande gets okay to sell its first electric cars in China
17:14 – Lucid says it is considering rising its prices
17:31 – BMW CEO wants Europe’s EV mandate to start later
17:50 – Fiat confirms an Abarth version of the Fiat 500e is on the way
18:07 – BMW i7 details teased
18:27 – Ford joins PG&E V2G study
18:43 – Jaguar showcases end-of-life project for former iPace batteries at Formula E
19:00 – Washington state tries again to end gas car sales by 2030
19:14 – Ford might force new EV dealers to stick to MSRP
19:38 – Forth teams up with GM to help underserved communtiies get EV charging funds from the U.S. Federal Government
20:36 – Tesla Employee fired after video of FSD Beta crashing went viral