TEN Episode 379: Mercedes-Benz Indemnity, 2021 Carbon Emissions Rise, Kia EV6 Squeaks

From Transport Evolved.

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01:00 – Editorial Note:
01:23 – Mercedes-Benz tells customers it will accept liability on crashes including Drive Pilot
02:22 – Elon Musk tells staff at Giga Berlin the Tesla Cybertruck will have ended development by the end of the year
03:26 – MINI teases smaller, more capable electric 3-door MINI
04:27 – Tesla gets go-ahead for Giga Austin Party, despite party poopers
05:27 – Volkswagen pushes out Volkswagen ID. Software Version 3.0
06:24 – ZETA shows that EVs can cost as much as six times less to own, operate than ICE vehicles
07:22 – Nissan says it will focus on only Partial or fully electric vehicles from 2023 in Europe
08:17 – CO² emissions during 2021 reached a record high, mostly from coal
09:16 – Tesla spends more on R&D than any other car company
10:36 – CATL opens its first zero carbon battery plant
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11:52 – Nio ET7 begins rolling off the production line in China
12:07 – EinRide and Maersk partner on logistics and EVs
12:23 – Electrify America announces new charging station design
12:38 – Taiga begins deliveries of its electric snowmobiles
12:52 – Suzuki prepares to heavily invest in Indian EV marketplace
13:06 – Audi rumored to be working on Ford Ranger-sized electric pickup
13:23 – Honda announces plans to bring an electric HR-V to market in Europe
13:39 – LG energy to build factory in Arizona to make cylindrical cells
13:57 – Hertz confirms it will start renting Tesla Model Y out to customers
14:12 – Lucid confirms that its Dream Drive system is powered by NVidia
14:27 – Maserati unveils the first car it will make electric
14:43 – Volkswagen has a plan to restart EV factories next week
14:57 – Chevrolet continues to tease the Equinox EV in a new video
15:14 – First Cadillac Lyriqs come off the production line
15:31 – Volocopter successfully tests noise levels in manned flight
15:45 – Honda opens up a new R&D facility to test EVs
16:00 – Warren, Michigan to become home to new graphite production facility for EV batteries
16:14 – LG Energy announces $1.7 billion ramp-up in production at Michigan EV battery facility
16:30 – Xpeng produces its 100,000th P7 in just two years of production
16:47 – Stellantis, LG Energy Solutions, announce first large-scale battery facility for EVs in Canada
17:02 – Elon Musk confirms Giga Berlin will offer two new paint choices
17:16 – Antelope Valley Transit Authority becomes the first all-electric transit agency in North America
17:35 – Toyota showcases video on how to charge electric cars
17:49 – Talking at Giga Berlin, Elon Musk mentions Manganese cells
18:10 – Ola invests in StoreDot
18:28 – KW says new V3 suspension could improve efficiency of Cupra Born
18:44 – Hyundai downgrades tech in 2022 IONIQ 5
19:01 – BYD, Shell collaborate on new energy products for EV owners in Europe, China
19:15 – Volkswagen commits to spending $7.1 Billion in North America to expand EV production
19:30 – USPS doubles its orders for EVs, but will still buy mostly gas-guzzling trucks
19:46 – CanAm plans two new electric models for the Market.
20:05 – Some questions remain about Ford’s F150 Lightning ratings
21:11 – Owners report strange noises from the Kia EV6
22:05 – Thanks, and Goodbye