TEN Episode 380 – TSLA Stock Split, Lotus Eletre, Aptera Goes Yoke!

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01:11 – TSLA announces another stock split
02:07 – President considers invoking Defense Production Act for battery production, EVs
03:09 – Volkswagen to use Gigacasting for Project Trinity vehicles
04:05 – JB Staubel says modern EV battery packs have an average life of at least 15+ years
04:59 – Lotus unveils its first electric hyper SUV
06:18 – American Lung Association says EVs and renewable energy could save $1.2 Trillion in health care costs in the U.S.
07:23 – Tesla Solar Roof installations are paused
08:22 – ZETA shows that EVs are widely supported by all political parties in the U.S.
09:24 – Arcimoto publishes its year end, FY 2021 results
10:13 – Tesla allegedly making secret deals to secure raw materials for batteries
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12:06 – Tesla Model 3, Model Y no longer eligible for California incentives due to recent price change
12:24 – Magna says it is going to produce aluminum battery enclosures for F150 Lightning
12:41 – Rolls Rocye tests the Spectre EV in the Arctic
13:01 – Tesla Model 3 owner accidentally hits accelerator, parks in a precarious position
13:17 – Amazon unveils electric HGV fleet for use in the UK
13:34 – BMW launches Chinese-only market i3 electric 3-series
13:53 – CATL debuts third-generation of cell to pack battery pack
14:10 – Elon Musk quotes Eminem in court filings
14:33 – More countries than ever before increased their reliance on renewables in 2021
14:50 – Kyte announces new Tesla Model 3 rental product
15:07 – NIO says it’s working on phones as well as cars
15:23 – Vinfast chooses North Caroline as home to its U.S. manufacturing hub.
15:39 – Kia confirms European debut of the EV9 SUV for 2023
15:57 – Porsche rumored to be working on a solid-state 911
16:14 – Nissan, Toyota plug-in cars reach Fed Tax Credit phase-out limit
16:31 – Rising gas prices increases interest in electric scooters
16:48 – Blue Bird Bus receives its largest ever order for electric buses
17:05 – GMC says it has 65,000 Hummer EV reservations, is sold out of the Hummer EV Pickup through 2024
17:21 – Mayor of London’s Office funds new fleet of Tesla Model 3s for rent by Ride share/Private hire drivers
17:36 – NIU MQiGT EVO scooter now in Europe
17:53 – Volkswagen commercial confirms more electric models are on the way!
18:07 – Maersk places large order with Volvo Trucks North America for VNR Big Rigs
18:20 – Canada revisits its goals for Zero Emission transportation, brings forward ZEV goals
18:36 – LEVC signs its third dealership up in Sweden
18:52 – Scania to test one of its electric tippers in underground mine in Sweden
19:08 – Carrefour expands its EV charging provision to every store in France
19:22 – Taiwan to end the sale of new ICE vehicles by 2040
19:35 – BP invests £1 Billion in UK expanding its charging network
19:51 – UK Government ministers hint Tesla is about to open Supercharger network to all in the UK
20:08 – Voi boasts its new Voiager 5 scooter is its most sustainable and repairable to date
20:34 – Tesla customer in Germany gets court to force Tesla to buy it back after poor Autopilot experience
21:33 – Aptera confirms it will use a Yoke in its solar electric vehicle
22:37 – Thanks, and Goodbye!