TEN Episode 381 – Tesla Cyber Rodeo, Nissan Solid State Batteries, NHTSA Investigates LG Energy

From Transport Evolved.

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00:56 – Tesla Cyber Rodeo happens in Austin, Texas
02:03 – Mercedes-Benz says plug-in sales surged during Q1 of this year
03:08 – Elon Musk promises a new age of abundance thanks to Optimus robots
04:24 – Canoo wins a contract with NASA to build new crew astro vans for Artemis
05:23 – NHTSA opens up an investigation into LG Energy battery issues
06:33 – A new study proves (yet again) that the grid isn’t at risk from EVs
07:29 – Elon Musk promises a new type of robotaxi from Tesla Giga Austin
08:29 – NIssan showcases its prototype Solid State production line in Japan
09:35 – Lightyear One Enters final stage of prototype validation before production
10:26 – Smart #1 Gets world premiere as a production vehicle
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12:13 – GM and Honda partner for affordable EVs based on Ultium platform
12:30 – CATL’s first facility outside of China gets green light to begin making cells
12:47 – Soel Senses-62 is trans-ocean going Electric Yacht
13:06 – New York State commits to all school buses in the state being electric by 2035
13:24 – Chase Bank and EVGO join up for a DC quick charge pilot project
13:40 – Proterra gets multiple facilities TRUE certified
13:58 – Elon Musk, Mary Barra and others meet with White House to talk EV charging
14:14 – Ford begins production of the e-Transit in Turkey for European customers
14:30 – Tesla pushes Model 3 prices up (again)
14:47 – Sono Motors changes its manufacturing partner at the last minute
15:04 – Mercedes-Maybach unveils the last of its Abloh-partnered EVs
15:21 – TATA Curvv EV is anything but
15:36 – Ford F150 Lightning performs pace car duties at this weekend’s NASCAR race
15:53 – Boston begins electrifying its school bus fleet
16:11 – Gogoro completes its IPO via a reverse merger with a SPAC
16:31 – Suzuki and Skydrive partner on bringing air taxis to market
16:50 – LEVC continues to expand its dealer network in europe with a new Belgium partner
17:05 – KORE closes on land for new 12 GWh battery facility in Arizona
17:21 – Mercedes ME charging plans change
17:36 – BMW, McLaren might be about to work together on a new EV platform
17:55 – AirOne completes its prototype construction
18:12 – Fisker warranties the Ocean EV batteries at 75% capacity for 10 years
18:28 – Study says that poorly-timed traffic lights are exacerbating the problem of traffic pollution
18:49 – Posrche invests $75 million in a synthetic fuel company despite its EV lineup
19:07 – Mercedes-Benz opens a new software hub for EV, OTA software development
19:22 – Lexus shows its RZ450e will come with a Yoke
19:42 – Nissan confirms it is working on a Lunar Rover
19:59 – Delorean confirms its new EV will debut in August
20:18 – Isle of Wight EV charging stations start directing people to adult websites
20:45 – Porsche completes pilot program showing EV grid balancing with a ‘swarm’ of Taycan EVs
22:01 – Tesla helps make Cryptocurrency mining less carbon intensive
23:11 – Thanks, and Goodbye