TEN Episode 389 – Musk Worried, Bolt EV Drops in Price, Obi-Wan Helps VW

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00:00 – Start
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01:03 – Put Fully Charged Live USA in your calendars for September!
01:19 – Elon Musk says a 10% workforce cut and hiring freeze is coming to Tesla
02:17 – BMW iX1 Revealed
03:19 – G7 agree to decarbonize their electrical grid by 2035
04:26 – Elon Musk pushes Tesla AI Day #2 To September 30 (in order to demonstrate working Optimus)
05:37 – F150 owners report real-world range drop that’s in line with expectations while towing
06:39 – Buick unveils the Wildcat EV concept coupé
07:35 – Buick unveils the Wildcat EV concept coupé
08:52 – Ford increases its investment into EV production
09:54 – Rivian R1T Owner calculates real-world off-road range for the all-electric adventure truck
11:11 – Nissan North America pauses order books for 2023 Nissan Ariya so it can deal with order list
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12:47 – Rivian battery catches fire at Normal, Il production facility.
13:03 – Lightyear to unveil production Lightyear One next week
13:20 – Genesis Speedium X Concept and GV70 EV will debut in Europe at Goodwood Festival of Speed
13:38 – Mercedes-Benz to introduce a new platform called MMA that will underpin entry-level luxury EVs from the brand
13:57 – Candela unveils new flying electric taxi boat
14:15 – Delorean Unveils Alpha 5 EV
14:33 – Sono announces partnership to design solar refrigerated big rig trailer
14:48 – Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV gets retro-themed sibling concept car
15:03 – BMW i-Ventures invests in blockchain technology company
15:23 – Genesis begins deliveries of the GV60 EV
15:42 – Volvo becomes the first automaker to make the SteelZero pledge
15:57 – Chalmers University says future electric boats will require hydrofoils for energy efficiency
16:17 – Polestar unveils new special edition of the Polestar 2 meant for the track.
16:34 – Tesla implicated in spying allegations against staff during 2017-2018 Unionization attempts
16:54 – Colorado passes new bill that allows grant money to be set aside for electrifying school buses
17:10 – Tesla receives 4680 form factor cells from Panasonic
17:25 – The Biden Administration lowers Federal Land rend for solar, wind projects
17:40 – Rimac completes its latest funding round
17:58 – Toyota announces powerwall competitor
18:15 – Italy announces new incentive program for EVs
18:34 – Open Rocks-e joins firefighting fleet at Opel factory
18:50 – New survey suggests customers want wireless EV charging – but there’s a catch
19:05 – Rivian’s charging network helps electrify Michigan Lake routes
19:20 – Mercedes-Benz Prices the EQB in the U.S. from $57,000
19:37 – NHTSA gives Tesla until June 20 to respond to increased complains of Autopilot phantom braking
19:52 – Zeekr celebrates making its 20,000th Zeekr001 electric car
20:08 – CATL rumored to soon supply cylindrical cells to BMW for its next-generation EVs
20:25 – NIo rumored to be working on hiring staff for US factory
20:42 – Mercedes-Benz eActros Long Haul testing will begin this year
20:57 – Ora Cat set to launch in the UK this autumn with the Ora Funky Cat (From £30,000)
21:21 – Energica announces Experian Tourer
22:31 – Volkswagen ID Buzz advertises with help of Obi Wan Kenobi
23:30 – Thanks, and Goodbye!