TEN Episode 415 – Solar Panel Breakthrough, Tesla Driver Blames FSD, Charging Station Security

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:42 – Welcome!
00:56 – Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin researchers have just built a new solar cell that’s 32.5 percent efficient.
01:56 – New legal case alleges Tesla employees were fired for being critical of Elon Musk.
02:51 – Data shows EV owners adjust to winter conditions – and get on with it.
03:53 – New study shows that plug-in hybrids use more gas than the EPA estimates they do.
05:04 – New research paper from Sandia National Laboratories investigates cybersecurity and EV charging
05:56 – Talking to the media, Pepsi Co VP says some weird things about Tesla Semi Range
06:55 – Chevrolet Bolt Ev recalled for potential post-impact carpet fire risk
07:52 – Ford publishes its first Sustainable Financing report, showing the lifetime EV CO² savings for its current EVs.
08:52 – Tesla driver who caused 8-car pile up on Thanksgiving blames Tesla FSD
09:49 – U.S. Treasury Department delays some rulemaking on new EV incentives
10:39 – Sponsored Segment: EnergySage
11:57 – Cadillac will cut the price of the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq
12:13 – Genesis G80 Electrified wins IIHS Top Safety Pick + Award
12:30 – Rivian R1T wins IIHS Top Safety Pick + Award
12:48 – Hyundai Kona gets “Ev-led” redesign.
13:07 – Lion Electric begins producing its own battery packs in-house
13:24 – First batch of Vinfast VF8 electric SUVs arrive in the U.S.
13:41 – Ryvid awarded $20 million by state of California to bring its electric motorcycles to market
13:58 – Porsche announces new on-board charger upgrade for faster Level 2 charging
14:15 – Everrati completes its first 911 for the U.S. market
14:32 – Volkswagen announces a price rise for ID4 models in North America
14:48 – Fox e-Mobility delays Mia 2.0 due to ‘financial restructuring’.
15:04 – One of the oldest filling stations in the Netherlands becomes an EV-only charging plaza
15:21 – Lucid Motors begins European deliveries
15:36 – Tesla begins to add third-party CCS charging sites to its on-board route-planning… with caveats
15:53 – Washington State, Oregon and Vermont all sign on to Clean Car II Rules
16:09 – EPA announces finalized rules for big rigs – but some groups say they aren’t enough
16:25 – Ikea expands a program around the world to deliver small products to customers using solar e-trikes
16:41 – Quantumscape ships its first 24-layer solid-state batteries to automakers for evaluation
16:58 – Canoo told by the City of Oklahoma that it can earn up to $ 1 million if it can reach its promised goals.
17:12 – Porsche opens its first e-fuel processing plant.
17:29 – Tesla increases discounts on cars ahead of end of the year.
17:45 – A new patent suggests Mazda is working on a new electric compact sedan, possibly with a solid-state battery pack
18:02 – GM plans to extend Cruise robotaxi services to more U.S. cities
18:17 – Tesla to shed jobs in the new year and implement a hiring freeze
18:33 – Rumors suggest entry-level Volvo EX90 could be a two-row rear-wheel drive version
18:51 – Rivian says it is removing its Max Pack battery as a selectable option for quad motor R1T. Only Dual motor customers can opt for it.
19:06 – Solid Power licenses cell design, manufacturing process to BMW
19:21 – Air completes first transition flight of the Air One
19:37 – Acura teases ZDX prototype in Testing
19:57 – Hummer EV Holiday Review!
21:08 – Bosch calls for more stringent e-bike regulations in the U.S.
22:04 – USPS to only buy electric mail trucks from 2026
23:02 – Thanks, and Goodbye!