TEN Episode 416: V2G Pays Off, RAM 1500 Revolution, MB Goes Furry?

From Transport Evolved.

Disclaimer: Today’s video features a news story discussing mental health and attempted suicide. Please view at your discretion and do not watch this show with young or impressionable individuals without first vetting the content for suitability.

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Content Warning
00:56 – Welcome!
01:01 – Editorial Note
01:31 – Correction on Federal tax credits from last episode
01:57 – Sony Honda Mobility showcase Afeela EV at CES 2023
02:55 – Newly-released figures show how many people have purchased FSD for their Teslas
03:52 – RAM 1500 Revolution breaks cover at CES 2023
04:48 – Volkswagen teases production ID.7 (Nee Volkswagen Aero) at CES 2023
05:44 – Chevrolet Silverado EV shows positive results in towing test
06:41 – Latest data shows U.S. grid used more than 22% renewable energy from January thru October 2022
07:34 – Stellantis partners with Archer to build the Archer Midnight eVtol Craft
08:30 – After a tough start to 2022, Chevrolet Bolt, Bolt EUV final sales figures for 2022 are GM’s best yet
09:29 – Despite record sales and production the Stock Market reacts badly to Tesla’s Q4 2022 delivery figures
10:25 – Like Tesla, Rivian stock falls on news of record production and deliveries – but missed targets
11:17 – Content Warning: Mental Health
13:48 – FIAT opens up a virtual showroom in the Metaverse
14:04 – Vinfast reveals initial specifications of its VF6 and VF7 electric cars
14:24 – Mercedes-Benz announces its own global EV charging network
14:40 – Audi sales figures show dropping ICE sales, but rising EV sales
14:56 – Tesla megapack-powered portable supercharger catches fire in California during New Year
15:14 – Goodyear demonstrates a tire at CES that is made of 90% sustainable materials
15:32 – Fermata Energy says two-way charging systems could make $15,000 in 10 years
15:50 – Tesla confirms a new vehicle platform will be discussed during an investor day on March 1
16:06 – Cake unveils new Åik scooter at CES with pedals and incredible range
16:27 – Lightyear opens the wait list for the Lightyear 2
16:43 – Tesla fan trademarks Tesla for “Future Use” in electric airplane, boat
17:01 – Verge Motorcycles debuts new TS variant model at CES 2023
17:16 – Korea Fair Trade Commission fines Tesla over failure to disclose winter range variance
17:37 – Illinois dealerships loose their attempt to stop Rivian, Lucid from engaging in direct-to-customer sales
17:54 – ZF develops a heated seat belt for EVs
18:12 – Elaphe motors, McLaren team up
18:29 – ABB Terra Home promises API
18:47 – Tesla signs new contract with Piedmont lithium after last one was halted
19:03 – BMW showcases the i Vision DEE at CES
19:23 – icoma unveils electric scooter that packs into a suitcase.
19:42 – Uganda promises to help citizens switch to electric motorcycles
19:57 – Chevrolet puts up the price of the Bolt EV for the 2023 Model Year
20:14 – Aska unveils the world’s first Drive & Fly eVtol craft
20:33 – Cadillac Lryiq, Hummer EV experience show sales at end of 2022
20:49 – Chinese-made EVs are at the highest value in Europe ever – but they’re from Western-brands
21:08 – Autocar says that Maserati is looking to use ditch ultra-fast charging for vehicle weight
21:25 – Chinese-made EV gets zero stars in Latin NCAP, doesn’t turn off after test
21:53 – Volvo opens the order books for the EX90 in North America
22:10 – Zeekr 001 unveiled with new 140 kWh battery pack
22:26 – Tesla driver caught driving for 15 minutes asleep on the German Autobahn with a Tesla defeat device fitted
22:50 – Kia Niro EV Review Teaser
24:00 – Vehicle to Grid saves one Winery Owner in Australia big bucks
24:56 – Mercedes-Benz and Superplastic launch a new partnership that reimagines the nodding dog.
26:10 – Thanks, and Goodbye!