Tesla FSD 10.4 VS Waymo

From CallasEV.

Tesla Full Self Driving Beta version 10.4 and Waymo’s autonomous vehicle. Which vehicle will arrive at the destination first? Waymo uses a combination of Lidar, Cameras and Radar while Tesla uses Tesla Vision (cameras and ultrasonic sensors). While Waymo is fully autonomous, Tesla FSD is still in testing and requires attention by the driver to take over when needed. Waymo is top screen and Tesla is bottom screen.

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0:00 Introduction
00:18 Waymo and Tesla technology
01:40 Start of Race
03:08 Tesla left at traffic light
03:26 Waymo left at traffic light
03:57 Waymo see’s emergency vehicles
05:10 Tesla makes a right
05:38 Tesla attempts merging onto freeway
06:21 Tesla merging onto freeway
06:59 Waymo tries to switch lanes
07:40 Tesla exits freeway
07:51 Waymo left turn at traffic light
08:41 Tesla right turn
08:53 Tesla approaches traffic
09:12 Waymo left turn at traffic light
09:30 Tesla makes a left turn, driver input needed
09:49 Tesla arrives to final destination
10:44 Waymo makes a right
11:00 Waymo approaches final destination
11:35 Waymo arrives at final destination
12:25 Waymo reverses due to blocked passageway
12:54 Conclusion
13:30 Jaguar Ipace Waymo
13:40 Ending