Tesla FSD Beta V10.0: A Work In Progress

From Tom Moloughney.

I had an unplanned opportunity to take a ride in a Tesla Model Y with FSD Beta V10.0 (which just became available a couple of days ago).

I rented a 2021 Tesla Model S Long Range on Turo for a 0-100% Supercharging recording and when I returned the vehicle, the owner asked me if I wanted to go for a spin and see how FSD Beta works – so, of course, I did.

Had I knew I was going to be doing this I would have had better recording equipment on hand, but since this wasn’t planned, I had to use my cellphone and hold it while recording.

I was definitely impressed with FSD’s ability to perform some of the tasks, but as you’ll see in the video, the system made quite a few mistakes and wasn’t as smooth in lane-changing as I would expect.

Notable timestamps:
0:00 Intro
1:45 We begin the ride
2:25 FSD negotiates a difficult left turn
3:40 We turn into the right lane a little more abruptly than I would like to see
4:34 FSD identifies the right lane is closed and merges into the left lane
7:00 We change the destination so we need to make more turns
11:02 The car refuses to accelerate from a traffic light once it turns green.
11:20 The car brakes hard for a green light and then proceeds through it.
11:40 The car won’t enter the left turn lane as it should have. Driver needed to intervene
17:22 The car makes a sudden right turn startling Robert and me.
18:55 The car tries unsuccessfully to fully enter the left turn lane.
22:51 Wrapup

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