Tesla Model S Plaid: The Good, The Bad And The Gimmicks…

From Fully Charged Show.

With three motors, over 1,000bhp and a 2 second 0-60 time, the Model S Plaid is easily Tesla’s maddest creation to date: a four door family car can put even the rarest and most expensive hypercars to shame in a straight line. But do you really need all that? Does the Plaid do enough to differentiate itself from the already very fast Model S Long Range? Jack and Ricky investigate.

00:00 Rude not to…
1:00 What is the Plaid?
3:02 Exterior: What’s changed?
3:45 No downsides to going Plaid!
4:41 Ultimate sleeper?
5:17 Carbon-wrapped rotors??
6:46 The crazy interior!
7:52 A big BUT
9:26 Yoke testing
10:38 Does it handle?
11:15 RIP Plaid Plus
12:26 Jekyll & Hyde
13:50 Plaid vs Taycan?
14:26 Tesla acceleration hits different…
15:30 Making Jack sick
16:31 Two differing conclusions

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