Tesla Model S Plaid V3 Supercharging Complete Recording And Analysis

From Tom Moloughney.

After conducting a 70-mph highway range test with a Tesla Model S Plaid, we plug into a V3 Supercharger and record the full 0% to 100% charging session to see how long it takes to fully charge the Model S Plaid. The vehicle has a 100-kWh battery and a peak charging rate of 250 kW.

My Model S Plaid 70-mph range test video: https://youtu.be/NA4Zf2e_m9E
My Tesla Model 3 V3 Supercharging analysis video: https://youtu.be/zwDI7moHvzg

0:00 Intro
2:56 Charging begins
3:52 0% to 50% SOC
6:39 50% to 80% SOC
8:19 80% to 100% SOC
9:50 The analysis begins
13:26 The SOC to Power graph
16:32 The Time to Charge graph
20:18 Outro

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