Tesla Model Y Real World EV road trip – what’s it REALLY like to live with?

From The Late Brake Show.

1500 mile real world road trip in a Tesla Model Y – the most practical EV in Europe? The ultimate electric SUV? The news about continued rises of fuel costs is grim, but hopefully it will act as a catalyst for increasing renewable energy adoption.

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With that in mind, Jonny spent last week driving to, from and around Scotland and the North West, filming content… in an EV. Specifically the £55,000 331-mile range Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD.

Instead of a brief launch drive, we thought it was about time Jonny got to know the UK spec Model Y and do a bit of real-world long distance travel in one. Tesla tried to lend us one, but couldn’t manage the time frame we needed. Step in ‘R Symons EV’ specialists, whom we must namecheck (www.rsymons.co.uk / https://www.youtube.com/c/RSymonsLtd) because owner Richard immediately offered to lend Jonny his two week old Tesla Y and load miles onto it. Good chap.

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Filmed and edited by: Phil Vaughn Pritchard https://www.philvfilms.com/
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant https://www.matttarantdesign.com

Jonny Smith Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since ’98
Website: http://www.carpervert.com
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0:00 Intro
1:38 Preheat early departure
2:54 First Supercharger rapid charge
4:00 Y or ID.4 or Ariya or Enyaq or Mach-e?
4:22 Full tech spec
5:16 Using the Tesla phone app
5:34 Charging specs
6:24 Cabin design
8:13 Buy one purely for Supercharger network?
9:50 Aftermarket air suspension
10:35 Winter range
11:19 5 seater only
11:29 Thanks to R Symons
11:54 Rear seat space
13:22 Electrically drop down seats
14:00 Boot space Vs rivals
15:26 Why no HUD?!
15:52 White interior paranoia
16:24 TOO…. STIFF….
17:21 Autopilot meh
17:48 Remote unlocking / sentry
18:17 Exterior design thoughts
18:52 Elon’s S3XY line up
19:06 Dimensions
19:53 BLOBFISH face
20:30 No range anxiety. No silly charging apps
21:10 CHARGING COSTS AND STATS over 1500 miles
22:30 Why no door cameras?
23:00 Frunk / froot space
23:52 Rival frunk / froot space
24:32 All Tesla models at Supercharger stop
24:53 Sentry mode captures crash!
25:48 In car entertainment options
27:43 Would you one?
28:15 Fart mode silliness
29:25 Verdict. What does Jonny think?

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