Tesla Q1 2022 Financials, TSLA Mobile Charging Connector, Anti-Tesla Senatorial Run – TNR Episode 8

From Transport Evolved.

It’s time for another Tesla News Roundup!

This episode, we talk Tesla Q1 earnings, plus Tesla launches its Insurance product in three more U.S. states, Tesla’s largest ever Megapack project goes online, why you can’t buy out your Tesla lease, the controversy surrounding Tesla making its mobile charging equipment a paid optional extra, and more!


00:00 Intro
00:34 Subscribe reminder
00:55 Tesla’s Q1 2022 Earnings
07:19 Other Tesla Stories
07:33 Tesla Insurance expands into more U.S. states
08:27 Tesla’s largest grid-tied storage project goes live
09:06 No to lease buyouts
10:46 Tesla ditches granny lead
12:26 Tech millionaire and TSLA rival runs for Senate on promise to ban Tesla FSD


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