Tesla Q2 2021 Earnings Call (Better sound, no uhms or pauses)

From CleanTechnica.

Shortened and fixed version of our special livestream of Tesla’s Q3 2020 earnings call that shows on screen the participants, their background information, the question(s) they asked and more.

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Music: https://www.purple-planet.com
Music: www.bensound.com

00:00 Beginning
01:06 Elon Musk’s opening remarks
07:49 Zachary Kirkhorn’s opening remarks
11:08 Retail Q1 (Cybertruck status)
18:34 Retail Q2 (Public superchargers)
21:51 Retail Q3 (4680 cell reliability)
25:30 Retail Q4 (Elon interview)
26:26 Institutional Q1 (Y, CT, Semi production Austin & Berlin)
27:03 Institutional Q2 (Production capacity in 5 years)
30:33 Institutional Q3 (Services beyond FSD?)
31:27 Oppenheimer Q1 (FSD attach rates)
32:03 Oppenheimer Q2 (FSD regulatory challenges)
34:11 Wolfe Research Q1 (Will you improve COGS?)
35:24 Wolfe Research Q1 (Progress since battery day?)
37:26 New Street Research Q1 (Other 4680 manufacturers)
41:45 New Street Research Q2 (FSD subscription stats)
44:32 Ending