Tesla Q2 2021 Earnings Call (old live version)

From CleanTechnica.

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Special livestream of Tesla’s Q2 2021 earnings call that shows on screen the participants, their background information, the question(s) they asked and more. This time we have a new design and as usual we will again update you with the most important information Tesla released in their report before the call with graphs and snippets.

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com
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00:00 Pre-Show
1:08:37 Beginning
1:09:30 Elon Musk’s opening remarks
1:19:05 Zachary Kirkhorn’s opening remarks
1:22:35 Retail Q1 (Cybertruck status)
1:33:04 Retail Q2 (Public superchargers)
1:37:21 Retail Q3 (4680 cell reliability)
1:41:56 Retail Q4 (Elon interview)
1:43:22 Institutional Q1 (Y, CT, Semi production Austin & Berlin)
1:44:12 Institutional Q2 (Production capacity in 5 years)
1:49:05 Institutional Q3 (Services beyond FSD?)
1:50:33 Oppenheimer Q1 (FSD attach rates)
1:51:25 Oppenheimer Q2 (FSD regulatory challenges)
1:54:09 Wolfe Research Q1 (Will you improve COGS?)
1:55:43 Wolfe Research Q1 (Progress since battery day?)
1:58:00 New Street Research Q1 (Other 4680 manufacturers)
2:03:27 New Street Research Q2 (FSD subscription stats)
2:06:43 Ending