Tesla Q3 2021 Earnings Call (improved version)

From CleanTechnica.

Shortened and fixed version of our special livestream of Tesla’s Q3 2020 earnings call that shows on screen the participants, their background information, the question(s) they asked and more.

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00:00 Beginning
00:56 Zachary Kirkhorn’s opening remarks
06:06 Institutional Q1 (First 4680 deliveries)
06:58 Institutional Q2 ($25k Tesla 2023?)
08:05 Institutional Q3 (FSD update frequency?)
09:05 Institutional Q4 (More Tesla models?)
10:03 Institutional Q5 (Production capacity 2024)
12:40 Institutional Q6 (NHTSA vs. FSD)
15:35 Retail Q1 (Service & Charging overcapacity)
20:59 Retail Q2 (Real-world AI beyond FSD)
21:36 Retail Q3 (FSD take rate changes?)
23:36 Retail Q4 (FSD transfer to new car)
24:51 Retail Q5 (Cybertruck updates?)
25:46 New Street Research (Tesla insurance)
33:48 RBC Q1 (Operating & Gross margin wishes)
37:28 RBC Q2 (SR LFP packs built outside China?)
38:15 Wells Fargo (Rise in cost of materials?)
40:52 Oppenheimer Q1 (Anode materials strategy?)
42:24 Oppenheimer Q2 (Vehicle pricing strategy?)
45:37 Barclays (When LVL4? NHTSA plan?)
50:04 Global Equities (Berlin vs. Austin, Steel supply?)
52:32 Canaccord Q1 (Berlin carrying costs? Ramp costs?)
55:26 Canaccord Q2 (Carrying costs = better margins?)
56:32 Ending