Tesla Ranger Ride Along – A Day with a Tesla Mobile Technician

From EV Review Ireland.

Tesla Ranger Ride Along – A Day with a Tesla Mobile Technician

Derek Reilly from EV Review Ireland gets to spend a day with Steve, a Tesla Mobile Technician also known as a "Ranger". 3 Jobs and learning a lot more about the mobile service offered by Tesla.

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0:00 Intro
0:33 Starting Our Day
0:52 Ranger/Mobile Technician Fleet
1:22 Owner Peter Interview
3:13 On the Way to Job 2
3:32 Interview with Tesla Ranger/Mobile Technician Steve
8:23 Job 2 Tyre Rotation
9:06 Owner Paul Interview
12:20 On the way to Job 3 Tow Bar Fitting
12:24 Tesla App Features
14:23 Outro & Please Subscribe

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