Tesla Timeout #14 – Adventures & Accessories for my Tesla Model 3 – Model 3 Power Trunk Kit

From EV Revolution Show.

Product from: Teslamarket.ca

The EV Revolution Show

My thanks to the Team at Teslamarket.ca for providing me (at a discount) this Model 3 Power Trunk Kit. Here is the link for the kit: https://www.teslamarket.ca/product/b67cc217-2a70-4569-a24c-c2de4779fd0c

This kit adds a full power option to opening and closing the Model 3 trunk. There are 5 ways to open/close:

* Screen
* Trunk button
* Key fob
* App
* Kick sensor ** optional extra cost – if installed
* Soft closing

It also features an anti-pinch safety system and an adjustable height setting.

This kit is similar to many others on the market today. It features a DIY design and non-destructive installation, as all connectors are plug-in type and fitting to OEM connectors.

I did not make an installation video as I was paying someone to do it for me. However for the DIY-er, you can watch many videos online for installations that show similar kits including this one from Hannshow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFjyjZiXAUA

I wanted to have a professional install this and I would highly recommend you do as well.

I had this kit professionally installed by an ex-Telsa mechanic. His name is Cyril Wheeler and he is the owner of Wheeler Automotive, a shop specializing in servicing Teslas. This install took about 3 hours with me helping. As I mentioned in the video, due to the fact that I have a Stealth Hitch installed underneath the bumper, we needed to remove the bumper to run some wires. If you do not have a Hitch, then the installation time will be shorter.

Cyril’s contact info is below:
Wheeler Automotive
145 Blandford Street
Innerkip, Ontario
N0J 1M0
C: 519-577-7080
E: Cyrilgwheeler@hotmail.com

Disclaimer: I received a discount off of the price of this product, in order to provide a review and promotion.

October 17 2021

As always, I welcome any feedback and questions! Thanks for Watching!

www.teslamarket.ca – MODEL 3 POWER TRUNK KIT – https://www.teslamarket.ca/product/b67cc217-2a70-4569-a24c-c2de4779fd0c
www.wheelerauto.ca – Professional Installation

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