Tesla Unlocks Giga Shanghai’s Full Potential, What Happened Next Is Significant

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Tesla Giga Shanghai’s recent modernizations have unlocked Giga Shanghai’s full potential and sped up deliveries of Model Y in Australia.

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai modernization, which took place in July and early August, was highly successful. This is evidenced by the acceleration of deliveries in China, and now in Australia. Tesla customers who placed orders for Model Y in the early days of their opening in the country shared the great news with The Driven. It is reported that some orders will be completed several months earlier than originally reported.

"Another production run for Australian-bound Tesla Model Ys is great news for thousands still waiting for their first spacious EV. The delivery dates being bought forward for these customers will be welcomed by many as the halving of fuel excise for petrol vehicles is expected to end at the end of this month and fuel prices are expected to rise.

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