The Audi RS3 Is The Most Amazing Sports Car I’ve Driven, Heres Why | 2022 Audi RS3

From Alex on Autos.

Audi managed the impossible with the new RS3: turn the affordable, front wheel drive A3 into a honest-to-goodness sports car that I’d rather own than a BMW M3 or Mercedes AMG C63. Say what? Yep, it really is that good. No, it won’t be *quite* as fast. No, it won’t handle *quite* as well, but it is about 200% more fun and that fun is more accessible, and less expensive.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:34 – How big is the RS3?
2:51 – Audi used coms crazy-big tires
4:08 – Why Audi used a 5-cylinder engine
6:14 – Audi’s torque splitting rear axle explained
8:33 – Front seat comfort
9:19 – How’s the back seat?
10:50 – Will it fit in the trunk?
11:12 – Interior walk-around
15:46 – How the RS3 drives